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Help Your Wife Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Couple sleeping and spooning in bed

It’s clear that getting enough sleep is important, but did you know that women need more sleep than men, yet most are probably getting less? Are also aware that falling asleep may be much harder for your wife than it is for you? Numerous sleep studies show benefits such as: lowered blood pressure, improved memory…

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Keep the Romance in Your Weekend Getaways

couple viewing road map

One of our clients recently emailed us an urgent request for help a few days in advance of an upcoming three-day weekend. Susan asked if we could suggest a way to prevent the tension that built between herself and her husband during weekend trips out of the city. While Susan appreciated the hours her husband spent behind the wheel…

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Getting EXACTLY What You Need From Men

woman giving two thumbs-up

Michael and I were having Sunday brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants, when we couldn’t help but overhear the conversation from the booth behind us. As we each savored our omelets, mine with bacon and Gruyere, and Michael’s with broccoli and Swiss, we heard snippets from two women discussing one’s irritation with her husband…

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Men Interrupting Men

woman speaking to two men

Jane observed that the men in her office seemed to have no problem being interrupted by other men. However, when Jane, or another woman, interrupted these same men by asking a question, most of the responses from the men differed greatly from the way they interacted with each other. This naturally surprised, and sometimes, infuriated Jane…

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