Bette & Michael Friedlander & Blissfully Married

Bette and Michael Friedlander of Blissfully Married

Falling asleep in-love, and waking joyful next to the person you adore is Bette and Michael Friedlander’s wish for every couple. They know it’s possible because they experience it in their own life every day.

If you and your husband have grown apart, if you long for some way to reclaim your happiness and rekindle your love, the skills they teach can make all the difference. Because the information they teach has helped thousands of women transform their relationships with the men in their lives, Bette and Michael know it will work for you as well.

“I took your workshop, but my husband’s the one who changed,” “Last night, he shared his deepest feelings and dreams for the first time in years,” and “A bookcase I’d wanted for years went up by the end of the weekend” are a sampling of what women have shared after practicing what they learned in the live workshop Bette and Michael led.

Karen said “It won’t turn out”

Though Bette and Michael are happy and in love today, their individual stories haven’t always been so bright. When they married in February of 2000, Bette’s closest friend, Karen warned her it probably wouldn’t turn out. Bette had survived one failed marriage and several unsuccessful relationships, and Michael had, count ‘em, THREE, ex-wives. Michael’s attempts to save each marriage by seeking counseling always ended the same; DIVORCE. Bette was in love, but still prayed for a way to stack the odds in favor of long-term happiness.

Answered Prayers

One year into her marriage, Bette’s prayers were answered when her friend Linda told her about an amazing workshop created by relationship expert Alison Armstrong. Bette thought “What do I have to lose?” so she signed up and what she learned took the everyday struggle out of her marriage, produced deeper intimacy, and helped her relationship grow closer over time. Michael noticed an immediate difference. “It was the first time I didn’t feel like I was broken,” says Michael.

The results they got were not unique. Over the years, Bette and Michael witnessed thousands of women create similar results with the men in their lives. Their wanting to cause a change in the lives of others is what inspired them to become certified in teaching Armstrong’s unique information. In 2007, they began three years of training, consisting of research and teaching. To date, they have helped hundreds of women improve their relationships with men through their live workshops, speaking engagements and tele-seminars.

Blissfully Married is Born

It was Bette’s passion for bringing everyday bliss to married women that fueled the birth of Blissfully Married in 2015. Blissfully Married is dedicated to helping couples live in a happy, fulfilled and joyful marriage. Their first online workshop, Everyday Bliss: A married woman’s guide to more love, joy and satisfaction is a journey that helps married women set aside frustration and resentment while building more love, intimacy and satisfaction. Throughout their course, Bette and Michael provide the perspectives of both wife and husband in teaching the same skills they practice every day in their own blissful marriage.

Bette and Michael firmly believe there is a hero in every husband, and that the wife holds the keys to drawing him out. This means that if you are married to a man who refuses to go to counseling or attend a workshop, you no longer need to worry. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you have had the power all along.